5 Fall Candle Diffuser Blend Dupes

May contain affiliate links. I make a small commission from purchases made at no additional cost to you. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Don’t have oils? Grab a Fall Candle Dupes Bundle HERE or browse starter kits HERE Fall is THE season for candles. Or was, until I discovered essential oils and a diffuser withContinue reading “5 Fall Candle Diffuser Blend Dupes”

DIY Coffee Scrub

Quarantine day 537318374639. Or at least so it feels, right?? Have you ever seen that Disney Christmas cartoon with Huey, Duey and Louey where they wish it was Christmas everyday, it comes true and then they’re over it? That’s how I’m feeling. But like, a perma Saturday. Anyway, I read a post that claims notContinue reading “DIY Coffee Scrub”

DIY lash serum

Post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased through the links at no extra cost to you. Lashes! Did you ever notice how baby boys usually have the most amazing eye lashes?! Long, curled and gorgeous, just placed there like they were photoshopped on. I’ve been seeing all these amazingContinue reading “DIY lash serum”

Getting Your Premium Starter Kit

So, maybe you’ve heard people talk about essential oils, maybe you’ve tried some, maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re a seasoned oily pro. Whatever phase of oil lover you’re currently in, I am here to help you along and further that knowledge and love for these little bottles of plant juice. Get your kit hereContinue reading “Getting Your Premium Starter Kit”